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CABALA Juice is a wholefood staple from Don Tolman, otherwise known as ‘The Tree of Life‘ and tastes great!  It is recommended for daily consumption and during Detoxing by certain experts. First of all need a juicer? Check out these guys they have the best juicers available at great prices – then you’re ready to go..

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For the amazing CABALA (Carrots, Apples, Beetroot, Apples, Lemon, Apples) Juice, juice together the following (the sooner after juicing you drink the better):

cabala-juice-2C is for Carrots x 2.3kg

cabala-juice-2A is for Apples red x 2

cabala-juice-2B is for Beetroot (approx 1/3 fist size – with the greens attached if possible) x 1

cabala-juice-2A is for Apples green x 2

cabala-juice-2L is for Lemon (whole rind and all) x 1

cabala-juice-2A is for Apples yellow x 2

Makes approx 2L of Cabala Juice, if you need more liquid add more carrots, as older carrots tend not to juice as well. If you can’t find all the apples three different types are better than none regardless of colour. Be sure to include the whole fruit and vegetables in the juice – the attached green leaves, the peel the whole thing – often these bits have some of the BEST nutrients.

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